Tuesday, September 29, 2009

27 is the new 7

For Jeremiah's golden birthday we took a trip to the Prague Zoo since it is apparently rated the top 6th zoo in the world and we are both kids at heart.

the zoo is so big that it took us over 3 hours to see everything!

the polar bears were adorable...swimming laps like it was their jobs

a rainbow skink...

these peacocks weren't in an enclosed area...you could just walk right up to them it was crazy!
(they have the same mentality about the bat exhibit...you walk in a dark room and there is a glass divider which only goes up to your waist...one flew out at our heads and we screamed like little girls....don't judge you would have done the same)

one of the strangest looking birds we have ever seen...don't know the name but we think it was in jurassic park (1, 2, or 3?)...

there were beer gardens and playgrounds everywhere...you can also bring your dog to walk around...genius.

view from the highest point of the zoo...

slowly going the way of the buffalo...

teen wolf....

the goat on the cliff....

one last shot before the camera died....(we'll document the penguins and crocodiles next year :)


  1. how fun. jealous that the kids and i weren't there enjoying new things. :) mark and i decided last night that we were going to pack up and move there with you guys...oh if only it were true. :)

  2. aww dont tease us...not trying to make it harder (okay maybe i am) but it is such a great place to raise children