Friday, December 4, 2009

DOX Contemporary Art Gallery

come sail away...come sail away...Below is a piece by Czech's most favorite/hated contemporary artist David Cerny. It's called 'Entropa' (Entropy and Europa mixed) which mocks each country's most offensive grievance or blatant contradiction....i.e. France is draped in a "Grieve!" banner which means "Strike!"; Sweden is represented by a large IKEA-style self-assembly furniture box, containing Grippen fighter planes (as supplied to the Czech airforce) ; side note...the open space in the top left corner is where the UK should be...but since they are known for isolating themselves from the rest of Europe they are missing from the piece.

It is extremely popular, but as you can imagine it has created quite the controversy.
And then there is Romania as a Dracula-styled theme park which blinks and emits ghostly sounds to it is Belgium presented as a half-eaten box of praline chocolates and above is the Czech Republic which flashes controversial quotations by the Czech president Vaclav Klaus Below was what initially looked like a blank wall, but when we held a black light up to it we discovered an array of deeply perceptive phrases and light-hearted sure to watch the was our favorite quote.

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