Friday, January 8, 2010

new year's eve = czechs love their fireworks

we arrived home from barcelona on the 30th and due to being a bit tired and not wanting to spend loads of money going to a party, we decided to stay home and have a nice dinner and share a bottle of wine we recieved from our landlord as a 'happy new years' gift. as it turned out, we didnt need to go anywhere because it became apparent that a: fireworks are legal in the czech republic and b: every czech person in our neighborhood took the liberty of buying lord knows how many and lighting them in their their lawn, in the street, under didnt matter. this event began at about 7:30pm and finished at about 12:30am. miah took some pictures from our window and had fun playing with different are the results:

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  1. wow! the last one is my favorite! i would like a print of it!!!! :) it reminds me of peacock feathers!!!